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Eileen Mikulecky  
Low Mortgage Rates
Article By: Eileen Mikulecky 09/22/2010 11:46 AM
According to Freddie Mac, mortgage rates were up slightly this week at 4.37%. This is still hovering close to historic all time lows. I sold a home this week to a client who took out a 15-year mortgage for $84,000. With her outstanding credit rating (over 750) and a 20% down payment her payments are $610.87. With taxes and insurance the monthly payment is still only about $920. Had she wanted a 30 year fixed her payments would have been $399 (without taxes and insurance). With these rates you can't afford not to buy a home!

Want to know what your payments would be in your new house in Sebring Email us at kwsmartteam@gmail.com


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