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Zaggers.com was originally designed to be a virtual tour site for agents and even though we excel at that I soon realized that the site had become much more.  As a real estate agent in Florida I was constantly battling those mega-sites for top search positions in my own market.  I knew other agents across the country were facing the same delima.  How could I, a local agent with just a few thousand listings in my MLS compete with sites like Zillow and Trulia that had access to millions of listings.  These sites would knock me off the front page of the search results simply because of the volume of listings they had even though I would have been a better resource for the clients.  Don't get me wrong, I actually had much better than average results but still it was frustrating. 

My wife's company wanted her to relocate to California and I saw this as an opportunity to put my knowledge to work and help other agents with a way to get more business.  I have created two opportunities for agents and trust me you will greatly benefit from these regardless of the level of service you choose to use.  Many agents will choose to use just the standard membership and simply add their own listings and create virtual tours.  I have a list of the benefits for this below.  You can definitely set yourself apart and get more listings using this service.  Sellers want to work with an agent that is doing more to market their home and virtual tours are a great way to do this. 

The real benefit of Zaggers will come to those agents that choose to use what I am going to call the Gold Membership.  With the Gold Membership you will be able to include all the listings from your MLS.  Don't worry I will take care of setting everything up for you and we will only be required to sign a couple of forms that your MLS provider will need.  Once those listings are on Zaggers.com they will be updated throughtout the day so that the information will always be up to date.  When a customer searching for a home on Zaggers.com pulls up the listings in your area your contact information will be included on every one of the listings that we downloaded from your MLS.  Instead of having your information on a few listings on those other mega-sites you can be getting leads from thousands of listings that have been provided by agents all throughout your area.  When you start combining that with agents across the nation that have also signed up we will form our own site that will be able to compete with even the biggest mega-site out there.  This will be a major benefit in getting both buyers and sellers.  I will even work with you to develop a local page providing information about yourself and your area.

You can sign up right now for free for either service Standard or Gold.  If you choose the Gold Memembership your MLS provider will have some forms that we will be required to sign to authorize the IDX information but I will be happy to assist you in getting anything you need.

Benefits Of A Standard Agent Membership

Agents get tons of benefits that other companies charge a fortune for all for FREE with Zaggers.com. 

Unlimited Marketing


You can include an unlimited number of listings each with up to 50 photos.  You can rearrange your photos into any order after you upload simply by dragging and dropping them where you like.  A branded and MLS compliant virtual tour is created instantly complete with panning, zooming and background music without any extra effort on your part.  You can change the background music and completely personalize your branded tours by creating your own color and layout scheme.


No Special Equipment


Zaggers.com makes it simple to create stunning virtual tours for your listings that will set you apart from other agents and help you close more listing appointments.  There is no special equipment or software to buy.  All you need is a standard digital camera and an internet connection and you can create a virtual tour that will rival those that others would pay hundreds of dollars each for.


Enhance Your Listings


You can enhance your listings by adding panoramic images, pdf files and embedding videos at no additional charge.  Zaggers.com was created to give agents a better way to market their properties and drastically increase their business without nickel and diming them to death.


More Of What Your Clients Want


We all know that the internet is quickly becoming the number one resource for homebuyers other than a real estate agent.  With Zaggers.com we give you all the tools your buyers are looking for.  More photos, panoramic images, maps, neighborhood information, school information, mortgage calculators and much more are all standard on every listing.


Lead Tracker Keeps You Informed


Zaggers.com has a lead tracker built right into your agent page. You can keep track of all the information of anyone who contacts you. Know which properties they were interested in and see all your notes right at your fingertips in one place.


Market Yourself With Your Listings


Zaggers.com prominently displays your agent profile on all of your listings.  Your profile can contain all of your contact information including phone, email and website plus you can tell all about yourself.  Include things like your history and experience, your awards and accomplishments, and nearly anything else that you can think of.


Blogging Is Easy On Zaggers.com


Blogging is very important in today's real estate market.  It shows off your expertise and allows you to share your knowledge with potential clients.  A good blog can greatly increase you business.  It only makes sense to blog where your properties are being displayed and Zaggers.com gives you that ability.


Even More Features


We are throwing everything into your membership because we want to be the very best marketing resource for you. With Zaggers.com you and interested clients can send your listings as an eflyer that has the images and information embeded right into the email. This makes sure that your listing is viewed by the recipient. Also you get HTML coding to use in Craigslist and Ebay ads that will make your listings stand out in that marketplace as well.


No Referral Fees


Zaggers.com never charges a referral fee to agents. Our goal is to become the best online source for homebuyers and sellers and we believe that the best way to do that is to partner with the best agents. Standard members are free to use our site without cost, no subscription fees, no refrral fees, no sharing commissions, and no commission rebates! Of course we offer premium services to agents such as websites and area sponsorships but you are not under any obligation to utilize those services

Great Support When You Need It


We have done our best to make Zaggers.com as user friendly as possible but just in case you do have trouble we are there to help you. You can reach us toll free at (800) 757-2471 or simply email any questions, comments and concerns and we will get back to you promptly with all the help you need.



Get started with Zaggers.com now It's FREE.


Upgrade To A Free Gold Memberships For A Limited Time

When you upgrade to a Gold Membership You will get a free website that will be a part of the Zaggers Network.  We will supply the domain name a semi-custom website and search engine optimization that will help you increase you business in your local market. (Here is the website lease agreement that you can checkout for fine print...there isn't any)  Plus you will be given a premium listing on Zaggers.com.  Leverage the power of a national site in a way unlike any other.  The top search results are always taken by national companies.  Homes.com, Trulia and Zillow are great expamples of this.  As an agent you are able to advertise your listings on these sites and get a little bit of marketing exposure from that.  With Zaggers.com's Gold Membership you get to leverage the power of a national site but not just display your listings, you get to represent all the listings in your MLS in the area you choose. 

Here is an example to help explain this:

A buyer is searching for a home in Anytown, USA and does a search on Zaggers.com.  There are 1200 active listings on Zaggers in Anytown, USA.  As the Gold Member representing that area your contact information and agent profile is on every listing that we have downloaded from your MLS.

MLS Sponsorship


As a Gold Member we will set up an IDX feed from your local MLS in the area you select. Areas are decided by Zipcode, City or MLS depending on the size of the area and the number of listings.  Select homes for sale, land for sale, rentals, business listings, or anything else that is available in your MLS.  As a Gold Member your profile and contact information could show up on thousands of listings on our site.


Automatic Listing Updates


As a Gold Member listings are pulled from your MLS automatically and updated automatically. When a property is added or changed in your MLS it is updated on our site. You get the leads from every listing that is pulled from your MLS for your selected area.  Areas are exclusive so only 1 agent will represent that area.

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